Thrifty Reupholster Wing Back Chair

Did I say that I like most things thrifty or free?  Well, this project was close to free! My granddaughter spotted this chair for me at a garage sale.  She was very happy discovering a chair that nobody was paying attention to, despite the $1 price tag. Yes, only one dollar! At the beginning we didn’t understand the price on the tag; it was not clear if the sign was for $1 or $10. Anyway, it came home with us for only $1.00 along with a mid-century sofa reduced from $5.00 to $1.00. Nothing short of incredible! As you can see in the picture, the fabric was already faded, but the chair was sturdy and very comfy. For $1 you can’t ask for anything more. I kept it in that corner, next to my kitchen, for years. It became my resting chair after a hard day in the kitchen.


After  years of being the ugly duckling, I decided to fix it myself. A crazy idea, because I had never re-upholstered a wing back chair in my life. After reading some online tutorials, I tackled this project myself, with not the best results. I bought the cheapest fabric for $1.00 a yard, just in case I messed it up, and I sure did! LOL Some of the parts were so difficult to do: like the legs and the wings for example. That’s when Mr. Roy saved the day. He is the upholsterer that did the base of my $1 sofa, you can see the sofa here. He charges a modest amount of money, works fast and does excellent work.

Here is my new thrifty wing back chair. It’s so beautiful and firm. I love it!

IMG_20150505_161854910 IMG_20150506_170112936 IMG_20150506_163110956

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