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I traveled almost an hour to buy a chair from a guy that was closing his business. Well, he was a no-show, and after traveling for all that time I was really, really pissed off at this guy!  I went around his store to leave a message at the back door and I found this chair by the dumpster, along with other pieces of furniture. An old, ugly and dirty chair, but with lots of potential. At least not all was wasted on this trip!


It took me a while to remove all the staples around the chair; that’s the worst part of upholstering a piece of furniture. I also removed all the seating and back foam and replaced it with a new one. I then painted the frame with two coats of chalk black paint that I prepared myself following also this recipe. This was followed by light sanding before the application of the poly-acrylic protector finish. The chair was then left to dry for 2 days.

Then the fun begins. First I applied the foam, the cotton battling and Dacron to the upper and lower part of the chair. Then I used the old fabric cuts as a pattern to cut the new fabric… big mistake.  The old fabric stripped off the chair was not enough to cover the new filling!

It’s quite easy to do a chair like this, only if you know how to tackle the corners.  I did learn from Mr. Roy, the upholsterer that made this one for me and was so kind to teach me how to do it. He also gave me a great tip: “Never cut the fabric from the old pattern, just lay the fabric on the piece of furniture and calculate the length and width needed”.  He was completely right.  After the four corners were done, all I had to do was staple the fabric all around the chair, cut the leftover fabric and apply the piping. For this one, I substituted the piping with a decorative upholstery ribbon in black. I spend less than $20.00 dollars revamping this chair, I only had to buy the foam and the decorative ribbon, all the others materials were leftovers from previous projects.



IMG_20150615_163447363 (1)

Don`t be afraid to tackle a project like this, it`s not easy, but not impossible and when you have the desire to improve your house, you learn to do it yourself and save some bucks along the way.

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