Thrifty Mid Century Sofa

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Disclaimer: This post was originally published on October 2013 in Spanish.

As I’ve told you before, I’m an avid follower of Estates Sales and Garage Sales.  When I moved to the US from Puerto Rico, I only brought a small amount of furniture due to the transportation costs.  Among the pieces I brought, was my Italian leather couch, which is super comfortable and a delight to take a nap.  At the time, buying a new sofa was not a priority.  I attended a garage sale at a church, my favorite!  These usually have the widest range and the best vintage or antique items; which parishioners donate to the church for the aforementioned sale.  There, I saw this beautiful sofa, which most people passed and ignored completely.  It drew my attention, particularly because I recognized it as Mid-century furniture and also had a sign that read: “$5 on Friday before 6pm”.  At this time it was Saturday with a new sign that read: “$1 if you take it today”.  I was thinking to myself, “what?! no way!” I asked the manager to make sure the price was right.  After he confirmed it was only $1, you know it eventually ended up inside my SUV.  Before purchasing it, I removed all the cushions and checked for any animal surprises.  All was well, and there were no bad smells or stains.  I also checked the sitting area and confirmed that the seat base was sturdy and strong.  Anyone who saw me, would have thought I was paying thousands of dollars for it!  I wanted to avoid buying it, taking it up to my second floor apartment, and found it to be an impossible fix.

For my taste, the original upholstery fabric was a beautiful and unique mid-century fabric. But it was deteriorated and this was visible on some parts.  I removed the bottom fabric skirt and used it to patch the visible worn parts.  Upholstery estimates are usually extremely high around here.  I looked extensively, until I found a man who works from home and with reasonable prices.  He ended up upholstering the base of the couch and I did the 6 cushions. These are the first three I did.

Cojines Nuevos

This is how it came out with this beautiful polka dot fabric that some people wouldn’t dare to use.  I sometimes prefer to deviate from the mainstream. Do you?

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I hope you like it, and that it inspires you to create!

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