Simple, Easy, Gluten Free 3 Beans Salad w/ Jicama

Hi friends, today I have a simple and easy 3 bean salad, with delicious shredded, and crunchy jicama. This can be prepared in a flash as a last minute compliment for a meal, as a side dish or as a meal itself. Nutritious, healthy, and gluten-free. 

IMG_20151015_140714541 (1)


1 can 15.5 ounces chick peas

1 can 15.5 ounces black beans

1 can 15.5 ounces pink beans

1 onion small diced

1/2 jicama shredded

green olives w/pimento stuffed

roman lettuce leaves

For the dressing:

3 T juice from 1 lime or lemon

6 T pure olive oil

1 t yellow or grain mustard

1 clove of garlic shredded

salt & pepper to taste

IMG_20151015_140741426 (2)


Wash and drain the beans. Place the beans in a container and add the jicama, olives and onion. Prepare the dressing, mixing all the ingredients in a blender, and adding the oil in little increments until emulsified. Add as many beans as you like or any other vegetable you please.

Thank you for your visit and for your sweet comment. Enjoy!!




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