Hi Friends! Today, like on previous Saturdays, I have some thrifty garage sale finds to share with you. Let’s start by my findings of so many vintage brooches, at such a small price! These were all marked down from $1.00 to .50c each, incredible! If you didn’t know, I’m looking for vintage brooches and accessories to use as wedding decor and for a vintage brooch bouquet.

This one in particular, blew my mind away. It really is a work of art, a pear tree with a little blue bird, can you see the blue bird? Amazing.

IMG_20151106_163926364Another vintage accessory that got my attention, was this set of shoe clips that look like a pair of 1980 earrings. These are definitely a keeper, for use with my glitter or black shoes.

IMG_20151106_170600124Got some other “stuff”, but I will be showing it, on my next post.

The weather is not helping.  It is so dark outside and inside, that is almost impossible to takes pics with my telephone camera. Hope you enjoy my thrifty finds and Thrifty Saturdays #5.

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