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It may not be one of your favorite parts of the chicken to eat, but the liver is great to prepare as a meal or as an appetizer. Specially delicious if you pair it with your favorite wine, this is also a very inexpensive dish. If you are one of those people who don’t like to cook or eat it because of the “smell”; immersing  it in water with squeezed lemons and some herbs, like sage or marjoram, will eliminate that.

Here is the recipe:


1# chicken liver

1 c chopped onion

1 T minced garlic

1 stick of soft butter

1/4  t thyme

1/4 t marjoram

1/4 t sage

1/4 t pepper

1 T salt

2 T brandy, cognac, or wine


Divide the butter into two halves. Cook onion and garlic in one half of the butter. Add the chicken livers and all other ingredients except the other half of the butter. Cook the livers in low heat until brown outside and pink color inside.

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Make clarified butter by melting it over low heat. Place all the ingredients, except the clarified butter in a food processor and mix together until it forms a paste.


Remove the Pate from the food processor and place it in ramekins or terrines , or any other round ceramic container. Top with a spoonful of the clarified butter as shown, and place in the refrigerator until the butter is set.

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Remove and cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Discard after two weeks, or one week  if  the butter seal has been broken. This is a spreadable pate that can be served with toasted mini slices of bread, cheese, fruits and your choice of wine.

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