The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest- “Make A Statement”

Disclaimer: This post contain sponsored links from DecoArt, Inc. in the form of paints to complete this project. Although this post is sponsored all opinions are my own.


I bought this beat up, vintage,  sewing table at a garage sale, and I knew right away, that I would turn it into a drink station. I had been looking for the right piece, and this little table is the perfect one! Having a drink station will be so helpful when I have guests. Specially when you have more than one person visiting, and your apartment is too small. It is convenient to have a place were you can gather all the drinks, ice, mixers, and even appetizers and guests can serve themselves.

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I’m participating in The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest for the month of February’s  theme: “Make A Statement”. This was the perfect piece to rehab with a great new look and a whole new use. Don’t you just love the unique oval shape of this table?

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In order to fix and re purpose this table, all the internal parts of the vintage sewing machine had to be removed. This included the base for the machine, the electric cord, and the sewing attachment that used to be manipulated by the movement of whoever was using it.  Quite old right? The base of the table was replaced by a piece of wood, cut to measure, and strong enough to hold a full cooler.


For this month’s contest we were sponsored by DecoArt,Inc. , a manufacturer of high quality paints and craft supplies. They provided me with the chalky finish, Americana Decor paint,  that I used for this project.  This is my first time using Americana Decor paint, and I should mention the pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros: dries super fast; one to two coats will completely cover the piece and leave a beautiful, chalky finish that is very soft to the touch. For the cons I must mention, that the shade I chose, Escape, was too thick to work with.  I had to add a teaspoon of water to thin it a bit. This was the only difficulty I encountered with this beautiful blue-turquoise color.


The products I chose to work with are: chalky finish in Escape and chalky finish in Herencia, as well as the Soft Touch varnish. I applied two coats, no primer, of the chalky finish paints and one coat of the varnish, sanding between coats.  For the stencil, I used samples of black and white chalk paint from my stash.  Similar results can be easily achieved using Carbon and Everlasting from the chalky finish Americana Decor line from DecoArt,Inc.


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