Renovated 1975 Vintage Thrifty Dining Set



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This is a very popular and well made 1975 vintage dining set with cantilever chairs, that right now are all the rage.

All you have to do is browse on Pinterest, and you will find countless and very beautiful versions.

Another place to find cantilever chairs, is IKEA. One of their most popular chairs, the Tobias, is a cantilever model very similar to mine.

I won’t go into detail about the price differences between them, but let me tell you, mine were cheap, very cheap!

I am giving this set to my granddaughter as a birthday present. She fell in love with it as soon as she laid eyes on it, and thought it would be a great addition to her new apartment.

Before & After

This set was in fair condition, of course a little dirty here and there, and the metal parts had a lot of marks and scratches.

At the beginning I thought this was going to be an easy to renovation, but again, I was wrong. I was unable to remove two of the four screws that attach the  chair to the metal frame.

I needed a special tool that I didn’t have, and I couldn’t see where exactly the screw went into the frame. To remove the screws was a little complicated, so I decided to leave them like that and cover the chair with newspaper for painting.  I ended up spray painting the chairs still attached to the frame.

First, I cleaned the frame with a stainless steel and porcelain cleaner. Then, I spray painted them with Rust – Oleum in Metallic Gold. The seat was also spray painted with Rust- Oleum Painters Touch 2 x ultra cover paint + primer. For a final coat, and as a protector, I applied a clear coat of  Ultra Cover Clear.


 This set is going to be used by young college students, so I didn’t want to spend much on an expensive fabric.  I decided to use a canvas drop cloth from the painters department at the hardware store. I bought the 6×9 one, and it was enough to cover each seat twice. The first layer was used as a substitute for the upholstery batting.  The second, was used as upholstery fabric and I still have plenty of yardage for another project.

What do you think about this renovated 1975 vintage dining set?  Tell me in the comments!

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