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Like in previous years, recently I went to the Goodwill Spring Sale 2017 looking for some furniture to revamp/resale at my Fuffiz Antique Mall booth. I went a little late that day, and all the good furniture had already been sold. I did manage to get these vintage style night stands (that look almost like a pair) that were a little beat up, dirty, smelly, but a great price.


It goes without saying, that I ended up buying items that I was not  initially looking for. For example, this vintage jewelry box, and a vintage music box that I will transform and show you in another post!

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The revamp of the vintage style night stands was a little time-consuming. I thoroughly cleaned them with commercial grade de-greaser, let them dry, and then started the sanding process.

A 120 grade sandpaper with my orbital hand-held sander, was used to smooth the tops and remove all the faded paint/stain that remained on the top of the tables.  I don’t have pics of the completed transformation, but you can get an idea of how it went by the ones that I did manage to take.

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                         Before and After

After cleaning and sanding, and priming both tables,  two coats of the charcoal paint were applied; sanding in between coats, after each one dried, with the 220 pad sandpaper. To finish, two coats of fast drying Polyurethane Clear Satin were applied.

For the knobs I had to refill the original holes, and make new ones. The original mounting holes were 5 1/2 inches apart and those are so difficult to get;  most of the new ones are between 3 to 4 inches. I used 2 vintage knobs from my stash of free, thrifty, and unmatched knobs and painted them with gold spray paint.

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For the drawers I chose a green color from Ralph Lauren which I had a sample of. I decoupage the inside with a vintage style decoupage paper.

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These are the materials I used:

 paint Glidden

tinted primer

color charcoal

paint brush

foam brush

220 pad sandpaper

80 sand paper with orbital sander

fast drying Polyurethane clear satin

spray paint in gold

Ralph Lauren  tester in green

vintage style decoupage paper







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