Little Jewelry Box #1 Makeover



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Lately, while visiting my favorite thrift store, I have come across a variety of vintage jewelry cabinets.  They have all been to my liking, although some of them need a little TLC. It goes without saying that I bought them all, and plan to rehabilitate and paint them one by one. Here I show you how I renovated the first one.

This one that I present to you today was in great condition, with only a little dust.  It had all its pieces intact, including the carousel to hang chains and necklaces from.

I started by cleaning it with a solution of equal parts of vinegar, water and dish soup. Then I let it dry completely, and started the painting process.



I gave it a light sanding with a 220 sandpaper pad and then applied the paint. For this one I chose Timeless from Velvet Finishes by Kellie Smith. This paint has no harmful VOC, no odor, and can be used inside. There is no real need to sand, but I still did it before the first and second coats.


I tried to remove the little drawer’s handles to paint then, but they were impossible to take out. So, I ended covering them with masking tape.  When the time came to paint the handles, I used a small painter’s brush dipped in gold liquid paint.



Those little drawers are so cute



The original window on the door was a piece of  stained glass that was in really good shape. To give it a more vintage look, I painted the glass from the inside with gold spray paint and distressed it a bit to make it look old. The whole piece was also distressed with gold paint.



PicMonkey Collage

 Do you like it? I’m in love!

For Sale at Fuffizz Antique Mall

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Disclaimer:    This post is sponsored by Velvet Finishes in the form of paints.  Although this post is sponsored, all the opinions are my own.



  • Jumped over from the Senior Salon
    I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond just yesterday and my friend and I remarked how much we loved looking at little jewelry boxes, even though we have no remaining surfaces on which to put them. But nothing we saw there was as cute as this.

    I almost feel like I’m a fly on the wall on your posts, watching as you create princes from frogs. :) Thank you for sharing.

    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

  • Looks tons better! I have three of these to do so thank you for the inspiration!

    • Cheril… Im in Miami right going to thrift stores looking for candelabras for my daughter wedding decor, and I had find 3 beautiful jewerly boxes. I will show then to you soon. Thanks!!

  • You continue to amaze me with your creativity.

    • Hi Bernadette…

      Thanks for your comment, I will said the same about you. Every week you came out with so many wonderful articles, that I can imagine the reading , writing and research you do weekly. Keep it up!!

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