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In order to have better blog photos, it is so important that you have a background. You need a great one, that compliments the product, food or item that you are trying sell or exhibit.

After searching for wood backgrounds for food or small object photography, I decided that I would have to make my own. The asking prices for some of these were shocking.

I don’t want to criticizes the ability of anybody out there making/selling these backgrounds. It is just that for me, the prices are outrageous ranging from $175.00 to $450.00. I will explain below, how I managed to make my own photo background for FREE, yes free!

At the same time I was researching photo backgrounds on internet, my apartment complex was going through a complete overhaul renovation.

All the buildings were painted and as part of the renovation they used lots of raw and painted pine wood to decorate some of the outside parts.

When the time came for my building to be renovated, I noticed the carpenter had a pile of wood that was destined for the trash.

When I asked if they were trash, the guy responded: “yes and is yours if you want it” What??? He was so nice, that he dropped piles of wood, right in front of my door daily, until I told him to stop. With the next pic, you get the idea of how much wood I was able to collect. Two friends of mine that work with wood came over and took whatever they wanted; I still have this much! Plus more inside a closet.


Well now that you know how I collected the wood, it is easy to figure out how I made my background for free. It was very easy to make, as I aligned similar sized pieces of wood. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a way to cut then, so I used them as they were previously cut. They were glued together with wood glue, and I attached them from the back with another piece to hold them together.

The size of the base of the background is 28W by 29 1/2L. The upper part is 28W by 18L. I used the pre-cut wood ranging from 3 1/2 W to 18 L for the inner part, and for the sides I used some 5 1/2 W x 17 L. They were sanded with my palm sander until all the wood cuts were really soft and smooth.

You can paint or stain the background to your liking or add some poly-acrylic to protect the surface. Mine will stay like this, as I really like organic looks.

In the future, I may add some contact paper, poster board, wrapping paper, tiles or scrap-booking paper to give the background a new or renovated look.

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