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Is this a gorgeous red color or what? Applying red colors is a bit difficult. Usually, you don’t obtain the desired color from the get go; you have to apply various coats to get the final color. This definitely wont happen with Velvet Finishes paint!

This is the paint I used for this cute little thrifty jewelry box,  sponsored by Velvet Finishes in Vivid. (* See disclaimer).  They provided the most gorgeous red color ever to work with.

This paint is very easy to apply, contains no harmful fumes and can be used indoors. This is a no sand, no primer, no chalk, and no wax paint.

So easy and gentle to apply, just prepare the piece of furniture by applying a generous amount of Ready, let it dry, and start applying the paint. I applied two coats of Vivid, but in most cases one is enough.

After the paint is dry, you need to protect the surface against scratches and daily use with a polyacrylic from the same line, called Protect. This will give the piece a soft and satin look while looking fabulous and feeling great to the touch!

When I found this jewelry box at #Goodwill, one of the drawers front part was missing and another front was unglued from the actual drawer.IMG_0965 (1)

I bought it knowing that it would be an easy repair, and it really was! I just turned the drawer around, and the back piece became the front. I then cut a piece of Balsa wood to create a back for the drawer.

I then removed the top pull and installed it on the “new” drawer front.  The top “drawer” is fixed, so there’s no need for a pull. I replaced the pull with a little doll house furniture mirror.

The pulls were painted with Rust-Oleum Metallic in gold.


The inside wooden parts were clean, and almost new considering this is a vintage box. No paint was applied inside which will make it easier to open and close the box.



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*Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by Velvet Finishes in the form of paints.  Although this post is sponsored, all the opinions are my own.






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